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Detect Unknown and Active Threats Inside and Outside of Your Organization

Alongside cloud, mobile and social media growth in large organizations comes an influx of cybersecurity threats. AVANT provides cybersecurity services to protect networks, computers, programs and data from malicious attack, damage and/or unauthorized access.

AVANT has teamed with industry-leading eSentire—a trailblazer in active threat protection solutions and services.  eSentire’s Network Interceptor challenges legacy security approaches, combining behavior-based analytics, immediate mitigation and actionable intelligence on a 24x7x365 basis. Interceptor continuously monitors customer networks to detect and block cyber attacks in real-time. eSentire’s active threat protection solutions offers enterprises a comprehensive way to defend enterprises from both the known and unknown risks–closing vulnerability gaps to defend enterprises from advanced, never-before-seen cyber threats. Active threat protection achieves the following:

  • Finds threats that are missed by other security systems
  • Detects threats sooner and contains them faster
  • Identifies threats that eluded defense layers and are lodged inside the network
  • Prevents attacks through a networked early warning shield
  • Sifts out the true threats from the flood of security alerts provided by other systems
  • Takes responsibility to resolve incidents, not just notify you about them

Multidimensional assessment is a more comprehensive approach, with an extended analysis over time – which is far more effective and meaningful than a one-time penetration test. Additionally, eSentire’s behavior-based detection reveals internal exploits that get bypassed other cybersecurity systems. The blended AVANT and eSentire team of security experts offer a three-pronged solution to today’s advanced cyber threats:

  • Active Threat Protection Platform
  • Enterprise Vulnerability Assessments
  • Cyber Security Incident Response

After vulnerabilities are identified, the AVANT works with the client to remediate all technical issues that were discovered and incorporate their resolution within a larger, formal IT strategy.

Contact Avant to explore how to Avant can proactively protect your organization from cybersecurity threats.

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