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Avant Technologies offers the latest in security technology. Shop our selection of Wireless Surveillance, Analog Systems, Security Cameras, HD SDI systems, and more.

Structured Cabling

Data & Network Communications Structured Cabling

We are a BBBA+ rated company.  We offer Complete Solutions for Data Network Communications Cabling. Our Cabling Experts can accomodate any type of communications cabling and wiring , including Coax, Copper or Fiber Optic (optical fiber), Cat 3, Cat 5 (Category 5), Cat 5e (Category 5e), Cat 6 (Category 6) and Cat 6a (Category 6a). CAT 5 cables support data transmissions up to 100MB/s. CAT 6 supports Data transmissions up to 1GB/S.  Avant Technologies Inc. employs  trained and certified staff  in order to insure the highest standard of quality.  We work with enterprise size companies to the small business owner for designed and installion projects throughout Puerto Rico.

In business for over 20 years Avant has an A+Better Business Rating.

Our Certified BISCI trained project managers and staff assure that each project is handled with the highest standards in the Industry.

We offer Warranties and Free Quotes!

Cabling Solutions :
Optical Fiber.
Cat 3,Cat5, Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat6A.
Backbone Cabling.
Data Centers.
Horizontal Cabling.
Patch Panels.
Lan Cabling.

All installations are thoroughly tested, certified and warranted, not only for material and workmanship, but for performance to the standards of the IT equipment being serviced. Avant Technologies Inc. offers customized Data Cabling and Network Wiring installation solutions that deliver greater value at a reasonable cost. From small corporate office relocations to large square foot facilities, Avant installation capabilities across vertical markets bring customers advanced technology and the quality service they expect. Structured cabling and wiring must be handled properly in order to insure that your network performs optimally. We are BISCI certified to maintain a standard of high quality. Our work is guaranteed and we are fully insured. Partners Include

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