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Avant Technologies offers the latest in security technology. Shop our selection of Wireless Surveillance, Analog Systems, Security Cameras, HD SDI systems, and more.


A Trusted Partner in Delivering Public Sector Mission-Critical Technology

Government technology exists in a dynamic and highly visible environment characterized by constant financial and operational challenges. In addition to ensuring the continuity of core services, government agencies are forced to navigate a complex maze of regulatory and budgetary hurdles that jeopardize their ability to achieve critical goals and outcomes.

Why Avant

For more than one decade, Avant has been a trusted partner to agencies at all levels of government. Leveraging unparalleled public sector expertise, Avant offers an end-to-end approach to the design, deployment and operation of innovative technologies and infrastructure – helping government clients overcome logistical, financial and regulatory obstacles that can compromise vital operations and bottom line success.

At Avant, we approach public sector funding challenges as opportunities to achieve important organizational advantages through the latest technologies and applications. By leveraging cloud computing, big data, advanced mobile apps and other proven strategies, we can equip your organization with tools that deliver both value and performance.

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