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Layered intrusion detection tailored for unique environmental requirements

AVANT is a leading integrator in the assessment, implementation and long-term support of perimeter intrusion detection (PID) systems. We offer versatile and innovative technology solutions that provide perimeter protection for mission critical operation centers, including landlocked and waterside facilities, secure areas and equipment locations.

AVANT turnkey systems feature layers of advanced technologies designed to detect, assess and track intruders attempting to gain access to secure areas or unauthorized entry to facility perimeters. Backed by partnerships with leading packaged PIDS vendors, our capabilities include the custom integration of various additional security technologies including digital video with motion detection, microwave technology, ground-based radar systems and taut wire, fence-mounted, buried or barrier sensors.

All PIDS implementations are customized to our clients’ unique environmental requirements. We have the resources and expertise to deliver one-off solutions tailored for long perimeters, EMI or lightning challenges, and environments that require unobtrusive or subtle security solutions.

AVANT TECHNOLOGIES-driven PID systems implementations maximize detection probability, reduce nuisance alarm rates and minimize vulnerability to defeat – equipping your organization with a complete security solution that complements other vital components of your physical protection program.

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